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Discover TerraceNewsNews ArchiveCalendarSubmit an eventPacific Northwest Music FestivalRiver Boat DaysMoving to Terrace?Visiting?Getting HereTransportationAboutHistoryPhotos2017 NCLGA ConventionThe Skeena Valley Farmers' Market has been in operation for over20 years andhas really grown in the last ten years. Terrace is the furthest point north in BC where fruit trees can be grown and the wares of the 70+ vendors aptly reflect the products of the fertile Skeena Valley. Everything at this Market is home grown made and baked and coming here on a Saturday morning is the social thing to do think of it as a community living room!Open from May to October (inclusive)Saturday9 am 1:00 pmProducts run the gamut:fresh veggiesbreadslots of ethnic foods from local multicultural residentsfresh fishcanned foodsartworkscraftsand much moreOne regular vendor is an organic farmer another has a greenhouse and in the fall there's lots of garden produce.

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